Upcoming: Changes to Document Only Plan Establishment Process
We're excited to announce upcoming changes to our Document Only Services plan establishment process and forms. Beginning May 30, 2024, the Payment Authorization Form (PAF) will no longer be needed or accepted. Please utilize the updated processes and forms available on this page post May 30, 2024. This update aims to empower clients with the following benefits:
  • Effortlessly manage payment arrangements exclusively through our secure online portal, Billtrust.
  • Simplify accounts payable tasks by scheduling future payments via autopay.

Ascensus Retirement Services

Ascensus, a leading retirement plan solutions provider, will act as the pre-approved sponsor for your client's retirement plan document. As one of the largest qualified retirement plan platforms in the country, we offer many plan design options to help create a plan that meets anyone's needs.

Next Steps

Document Delivery
Upon receipt of the completed Plan Establishment Kit, Ascensus will review the forms to ensure we have what is needed. If additional information is needed we will contact you or your Financial Advisor.

Ascensus will deliver all documents and amendments electronically. When the documents are ready, the employer will receive an email with a link to a secure site to access the documents.
NOTE: After completing these steps, be sure to complete the Pershing Employee Data Worksheet that will be submitted to Pershing for each account associated with the applicable plan. These should not be sent to Ascensus.
To view a video tutorial related to Step 2 of the Document Only establishment process, click on the link below and enter the provided passcode.
Passcode: +@zgmB7q

Recordkeeping Initiation and Setup
If you are establishing recordkeeping services with Ascensus once the documents are signed and returned to Ascensus, we will email a welcome packet to you. Your welcome packet will provide you with the instructions on funding your newly established Individual 401(k) plan, a guide for administering your plan, and certain operational forms. These forms are also located on the Forms page of this website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Instructions on the remittance of contributions to your plan will be included in your welcome packet.


The recordkeeping service Ascensus provides to Individual 401(k) plans is an accounting of the plan by money type (i.e., deferral, profit sharing, rollover, etc.). Contributions for the report period are posted to the account by money type, according to the instructions provided to Ascensus by the client. The net gain or loss of the entire investment account is applied to the money types on a pro-rata basis. Therefore, the Ascensus Individual 401(k) product requires that all money types use the same investment elections when it comes to the investment of contributions so that earnings are properly applied. Additionally, any transaction that is a transfer of assets between investments is also considered to be completed pro-rata per money type.

NOTE: The addition of Roth Elective Deferrals uses a different methodology than described and illustrated above. Roth Elective Deferrals are held in a separate account, any net gain or loss in that investment account is applied to only the Roth Elective Deferrals. Additional fees apply.

Electronic Signature
The employer will be asked to electronically complete and sign all required documents. The electronic submission and signature technology is provided by Sertifi. Sertifi is a leader in online document eSignature solutions. Sertifi’s eSign Solution encryption technology meets the standards set by the financial services industry and the Government Paperwork Elimination Act. You can learn more about Sertifi at http://www.sertifi.com

Client Initiated Amendments
If employers want to amend their existing pre-approved plan documents (e.g., change eligibility requirements), they should contact Ascensus for instructions on submitting the request.
Invoicing Process
All invoices will come from Billtrust (ascensus@billtrust.com), a reputable, third-party vendor through which clients can make payments directly. You can access Billtrust at http://ascensus.billtrust.com