Ascensus Retirement Services

Ascensus, a leading retirement plan solutions provider, will act as the pre-approved sponsor for your client's retirement plan document. As one of the largest qualified retirement plan platforms in the country, we offer many plan design options to help create a plan that meets anyone's needs.

Establish Services

Steps to Obtain a Pre-Approved Plan Document

  1. The employer must establish a J.P. Morgan brokerage account before completing the Ascensus Plan Establishment Kit (PEK).
  2. The employer must complete a PEK using either the printable documents below or the integrated Sertifi electronic submission and signature process.
  3. Ascensus will create plan documents based on the PEK information. 
  4. Ascensus will send the new plan documents electronically to the employer.
  5. The employer can electronically sign the documents using Sertifi.
Document Service Agreement (DSA)
The employer must sign a DSA, which specifies the roles and responsibilities between the employer and Ascensus. The employer must also complete the Payment Authorization Form (PAF), included with the DSA, to provide the billing information that Ascensus will use to collect the annual service fee.

Plan Design Questionnaire (PDQ)
The PDQ gathers information needed to prepare Ascensus pre-approved plan documents. The information will be converted into an adoption agreement, a basic plan document, a summary plan description (if applicable), and all applicable plan amendments.
There are two ways to complete the required documents: 1) Complete, print, and fax the forms to Ascensus or 2) submit forms electronically through Sertifi.
Option 1: Fax Submission

Complete, print, and fax the Plan Establishment Kit to Ascensus. Please fax to 218-825-5713.

Plan Establishment Kit (Profit Sharing & Money Purchase Plans)

Option 2: Electronic Submission
Complete and Submit Documents through Sertifi
Before you begin, please have the following information available.

Plan name, plan type, employer EIN, and plan provisions (e.g., contribution allocations, vesting, and loan provisions).

Payment Informationincluding bank name, routing number, and account number.
Provide the Employer/Authorized Signer's email address and select the Plan Establishment Kit type below. You must complete the documents in one session and electronically sign.
NOTE: The Employer/Authorized Signer must be present to sign while the forms are being completed because the forms cannot be electronically forwarded for signature.

    • A Profit Sharing plan is designed for businesses with employees, offering profit sharing contributions. A Money Purchase Pension plan requires a fixed annual employer contribution. (Elective deferrals and employer matching contributions are not allowed in a profit sharing only plan; elective deferrals and other discretionary employer contributions are not allowed in a money purchase pension plan.)