Ascensus Retirement Services

Ascensus, a leading retirement plan solutions provider, will act as the pre-approved sponsor for your client's retirement plan document. As one of the largest qualified retirement plan platforms in the country, we offer many plan design options to help create a plan that meets anyone's needs.

Service Overview

Pre-Approved Plan Document Sponsorship Service
Ascensus will assist employers with plan establishment, amendments, and restatements. Our services include the following features.
  • Customer Service Center – Ascensus will answer any questions regarding the Pre-Approved Plan Document Service between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. CT.
  • Simple Process – Employers complete a questionnaire electronically and receive a compliant, signature-ready adoption agreement.
  • Web-Based – Documents are delivered through a secure web portal and employers can sign the documents electronically.
  • Customized Summary Plan Description (SPD) – Employers receive a customized SPD designed to be a read-through document for employees.
  • Compliant Documents – Ascensus reviews every adoption agreement to ensure that it is adequately completed.
  • Automated Payment Option – Ascensus will email an invoice for the enrollment fee for the year services are established and invoices for each year thereafter for annual service fees. Employers will have the option to pay by check, online using a credit card, or by setting up automated payment to simplify the process.
  • Future Compliance – Ascensus provides all amendments required to keep plans in compliance, and works with employers to restate plan documents every six years as required by the IRS.
Voluntary Correction Program (VCP) Service
Ascensus provides this service for employers that use Ascensus’ Pre-Approved Plan Document Service and have failed to timely restate their plan documents or have failed to amend their documents for other IRS required changes.

Through the VCP Service, Ascensus will

  • provide phone consultation on the correction process,
  • ensure plan documents are up-to-date,
  • prepare and submit VCP paperwork,
  • act as power of attorney and communicate with the IRS on the employer’s behalf, and  
  • handle any additional requests for information from the IRS.

Contact Ascensus to determine if the VCP Service is available for your plan document correction needs.