Plan Establishment Deadline

URGENT: 2019 New Plan Document Requests

The deadline to guarantee new plan document delivery for 2019 has passed and we are currently processing plan documents on a first-come, first-serve basis. Submit your requests as soon as possible and Ascensus will make every attempt to prepare signature-ready documents before year-end. Ascensus will reach out to employers and advisors for any submissions that cannot be processed by December 31, 2019.

Ascensus Prototype Document Service

Ascensus, a leading retirement plan solutions provider, will act as the prototype sponsor for your client’s retirement plan. As prototype sponsor, Ascensus will provide a plan document for employers to establish a plan and will provide all required future amendments and restatements.

Next Steps

Document Delivery
Ascensus will deliver all documents and amendments electronically. When the documents are ready, the employer will receive an email with a link to a secure site to access the documents.
Electronic Signature
The employer will be asked to electronically complete and sign the DSA and PDQ. The electronic submission and signature technology is provided by Sertifi. Sertifi is a leader in online document eSignature solutions. Sertifi’s eSign Solution encryption technology meets the standards set by the financial services industry and the Government Paperwork Elimination Act. You can learn more about Sertifi at http://www.sertifi.com.
Client Initiated Amendments
If employers want to amend their existing prototype plan documents (e.g., change plan's vesting schedule), they should mark their changes onto their existing adoption agreement and call Ascensus for instructions on submitting the request.